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Ball screw slider - lineaire geleiding met kogelomloopspindel

Ball Screw Slider with Stepper Motor

By combining a ball screw slider with a stepper motor with an integrated absolute encoder extremely accurate positioning is possible.

Tooth Belt Sliders - tandriem sledes

Tooth Belt Sliders with integrated Servo Motor

Tooth belt sliders are a perfect way  to achieve long stroke lengths with high speed positioning.

Elektrische cilinder - Rod type cyliner

Rod Type Cylinder with Ball Screw Drive

High performance features such as, high speeds, good positioning accuracy and high repeatability are ensured through a precision ball screw with reduced backlash of the ball nut and non-rotating piston rod.

Actuator with DC motor - lineaire actuator - in-line

Rod Type Cylinder with DC Motor and Bronze Nut

Low-cost actuator for adjustments.
Synchronized parallel driving is possible. Up to 10.000 N push force.

msa miniature lead screw slide

Miniature Lead Screw Slide 

Compact, low profile mini slides save engineering time. Perfect for small lab, medical equipment and optical stage applications.

Tandheugel systeem - Rack & Pinion

Integrated Rack & Pinion Drive

The Rack and Pinion System can reduce the number of parts used, and it can also significantly reduce the time spent on design and

Miniature Lead Screw Actuator

These high-performance hybrid actuators directly drive a rotor drive nut on a stainless steel precision acme lead screw. This interface reduces tolerances and noise while increasing efficiency and durability.

Ball screw actuator

Miniature Ball Screw Actuator

The linear actuators are a combination of a stepping motor and a ball screw. They are ideally suited for pushing and pulling small workpieces or for applications related to fine adjustment.

gripper actuator

Electric Gripper with Stepper Motor

Safely and reliably grip, align and measure objects even if they may easily break, such as glass, and objects that easily deform, such as plastic or springs.

Planetary gearbox - rotary actuator

Integrated Rotary
Gear Motor

High power combined with accurate positioning makes this all-in-one solution perfect for indexing tables with a high load.

Hollow rotary table - index table - draaitafel

Hollow Rotary Table

The rotary actuators are a combination of stepping motor and turntable. They are ideal for applications requiring the highest angle of precision.

XYZ system - multi-axis

XYZ System with Multi-Axis Driver

Endless possibilities thanks to various kinds of brackets, clamping fixtures and customized motor adapters.

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